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Collectors Of The Chic Set!

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We couldn’t help but wonder…What do you collect, fashionettes?

Charlie Rose: “Indian arrowheads. I grew up in a farm in North Carolina so I collect them. I also like interesting posters.”

DJ Mia Moretti: “Colored glass. Vases, bowls…”

Stefano Tonchi: “Clothes and shoes. Like everybody else in this business.”

Carlos Campos: “Bicycles. I have five.”

Angela Bassett: “Paintings.”

MADE’s Mazdack Rassi:Star Wars action figures. I’m a huge Sci-Fi fan.”

Lucio Castro: “I started collecting pictures of single gloves on the street.” 

Steven Kolb: “Owls! You know that!”

Nichole Galicia, actress: “I collect art and cheesy art like refrigerator magnets. Whenever I travel for work, I get a magnet. I don’t display them, but I do have a huge box of magnets in my closet”

Torrey DeVitto, actress: “I have an issue collecting things. I used to collect pins from around the world when I was little, but someone broke into my parent’s car and stole them. I did start getting a copy of Romeo and Juliet in every country that I’ve gone to, but I don’t like saying the word collect because it brings up bad memories.

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