2 Somayeh Noor Quotes That Will Help You Crush It

by DN News Desk

Social media is a tough world, so good mentors or even following authority figures can help you be successful. There is no shortage of informational sources out there, and you can easily do your homework on someone to determine how legitimate they are. “One of the most important steps you can take is to take your personal brand seriously,” says Somayeh Noor. With a true passion for making it big, Somayeh offers invaluable expertise when it comes to setting yourself apart. While Somayeh is highly successful, she is firmly rooted in common sense. Here is some advice she has to offer after building a strong social media presence and a massive fanbase over the years.

“Get behind something you believe in.”
If you start something based on something you are not happy about, you will never have the genuine passion needed to be successful. “You need to wake up each morning excited about your personal brand or your company, not dreading going to work,” states Somayeh. This is as important for you as it is for your customers because they will know if you believe in what you are offering them.

“Find your tribe.”
Someayeh is on point when she says if you don’t believe in your brand, why should anyone else? It doesn’t matter how specialized or niche your business is; potential customers are out there. In all honesty, unique businesses can find unparalleled success by offering solutions other companies don’t. This goes back to the importance of finding your tribe or a highly targeted customer group that shares your philosophies, outlook, and core beliefs. If you have built your personal brand on these principles, you have likely based it on something you feel strongly about and have a deep connection to. This is the first step to success and one that is sadly overlooked. Do not be blinded by dollar signs; look for something that will make a positive impact as this is what really leads to revenues.

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