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(NEW YORK) Gwyneth Paltrow Has Been Chosen As Brand Ambassador For Skincare Line Restorsea [Fashionista]
She swears by the chemical free product, finding it GOOP-worthy.

For Fashionable Flowers, French Houses Have Their Preferred Florists [New York Times]
Because the blooms can enhance the message of a strong collection, in both spring and fall.

What’s A Shoot At British Vogue
Like? [Vogue UK]
It involves iconic mods and can take place at 2:30 a.m.

The Beauty Looks At Kenzo Was A Little Twin Peaks With A Heavy David Lynch Feel [Into The Gloss]
Which resulted in a bit of a ‘90s feel with blue eyelids and nails.

Will Moschino Feel The Heat From McDonald’s For Their Use Of The Golden Arches? [Business of Fashion]
It raises the question if their salute to the fast food chain is diluting a trademark.