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Henrik Lundqvist Designs Some Skivvies

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We’ve been spotting hunky Ranger Henrik Lundqvist at fashion events for years, so we knew it was just a matter of time before he’d break into the biz somehow. He’s paired up with his old friend Alexander Palmgren on a line of his very own underwear for Bread & Boxers. “My main focus is still hockey, but I’d still like to do other things,” he recently told us. “What I love about the brand is the quality, you can feel it. When it comes to fashion, that’s more important than the actual tag. When I get a suit, it’s how it feels. This isn’t about big logos.” The NHL hockey superstar appears on the box, and he’s got plans to continue working the Swedish company in a larger capacity. Any qualms about seeing his bod on a box of undies? “I don’t really have the body for it,” he explains. (Note: We do not agree.) “I’m not ripped like a muscle man, but this brand isn’t trying too hard. We’re more relaxed. We don’t want to come across as trying too hard.” We think they did it just right. 

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