Zac Posen's Soho Childhood: Supermods, Madge, and More

by The Daily Front Row

In this week’s excellent nostalgia trip of an issue (NYC tykes, represent!), New York moseyed down memory lane with scads of intriguing local natives (from Whoopi Goldberg to Matthew Broderick to Christine Quinn). And Zac PosenThe designer was reared on Spring Street, and grew up in the same building as Madonna‘s…dentist! Also of note from Posen’s formative years? “I remember one day walking back from school past the Comme des Garçons store, and I saw this wild-looking woman with a white top trying on these sort of loafers with a big pink pouf on them. I don’t know how I mustered the nerve to tell her I liked the shoes, and she introduced herself, and it was Polly Mellen.” Also, pint-sized Posen definitely had cooler neighbors than you. To wit: ” I would stare outside and watch all the supermodels living on Mercer and Greene Street and get a peek of Cindy Crawford or of Naomi Campbell.” #jealousmuch 

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