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You'll Never Guess Who Is Complaining About Karl Lagerfeld

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Oh, dearie. Karl Lagerfeld is in the naughty chair with a French association called “Pretty, curvy, sexy, and fine with it” for…do we even need to tell you? The’ve filed a complaint at the prosecutor’s office in the Western city of Saintes, accusing the Kaiser of “defamatory and discriminatory comments” about overweight women. This all stems from comments that he’s said in the past when he called Adele “a little too fat” and basically a long running history of anti-fat comments coming from his always quotable and filter free mouth. “We’re fed up. Many young girls are insecure and hearing such comments is terrible for them,” the association’s head Betty Aubriere told the AFP. “Today it’s him who insults us and tomorrow who will it be?” We have a hunch Karl isn’t terribly concerned.


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