Women Vs. Fashion: Control Issues, Anyone?!

by The Daily Front Row

Ever wonder if your closet controls you or if you’re truly the master of your style sensibility? A Parsons prof and TJ Maxx spent some time pondering that quandary, and the verdict is in your favor. According to Dr. Hazel Clark, Parsons’ research chair of fashion, 87 percent of us (truly) own our wardrobes. Go you! Celeb stylist Leslie Fremar is all about the individual style schtick, and is a Maxxinista apparently as well. “”Places like T.J.Maxx serve as a playground of possibilities filled with the great quality, designer items at incredible prices, so that they have more opportunities to express their various personal style personas,” Fremar said in the study. Designer discount shopping as an adult playground of sorts? Sure, though sometimes it resembles a brawl breaking out by the monkey bars when a stash of Chloe or plentiful dose of Prada is discovered… 

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