Wolford Wows Editors With Dance Performance By Oui Danse

by Paige Reddinger

Legs, legs, legs! If anyone has better legs than models, it’s dancers. To celebrate their 65th anniversary, luxury hosiery and underwear company Wolford brought in dance group Oui Danse to give a two-hour choreographed performance. Editors sipped champagne and wine at Highline Stages while watching the leggy dancers in their Wolford tights put on a stunning performance; needless to say, everyone stuck around for the show. But if they thought they could just sit there and watch, they were in for a surprise. While watching the already sultry performance other dancers would mill around the room and caress editors’ backs. Meanwhile, some of the crowd even got pulled onto the dance floor, blind-folded, and posed in various positions by the dancers. Oui Danse’s performance was choreographed by Brice Mousset and included lead dancers Ehizoje Azeke, Lydia Haug, Kathryn Mulcahey, Angela Patmon, Taylor Drury, and Raphael Thomas. In addition to the dance company’s installation for Wolford, they’re also working on a photography book and short films. Check them out here! If the dancers don’t make you want to go shopping for some chic legwear like us, their figures alone will at least motivate you to hit the gym. Why hide those stems come fall, darlings? Wolford will have you waltzing down the street in style.

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