Wildfox Serves Up A Chic Slice Of Italy For Fall 2015

by Dena Silver

When it comes to cheekiness, Wildfox takes the cake. So when an invitation for their Fall 2015 presentation arrived in our inbox, and we saw the event was in the heart of Little Italy at a resto called Il Cortile, we knew we were in for a treat. Indeed: Guests who trekked to this authentic Italian eatery were rewarded with unlimited dirty martinis and plenty of meatballs, a welcome snack before the evening’s main course arrived: the presentation. In the back room, a gaggle of chic mods with tousled ‘dos and dark smudges of eyeliner were bedecked in creative director Kimberley Gordon‘s take on Italy. Sweaters were more Italian phrases and words like ‘Ciao’ and ‘Pizza’, skirts were crafted from tablecloth-esque red gingham, and colors of the Italian flag were definitely prominent. Despite the obvious references, we quizzed Gordon on her approach to creating this Fall 2015 collection.

What’s the story behind Fall 2015?
Once it’s Fall, I simply do not want Summer to end. I was thinking about a location where summer sort of kept going. At the same time, I was really craving a trip to Italy, since I’ve never been. So this is like an imagination of my Italian vacation but a lot of the looks are inspired by different aspects of an Italian adventure. I was thinking about girls rolling around in a vineyard, or Italian waitresses working in their family restaurant, maybe going out after work. And then we did some bright gelato-like colors!

So will there be like an Italian vacation after this?
Oh my God, please! Please let there be one!

What’s the story with the makeup?
It was sort of inspired by Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot in Italy. You can definitely see the ‘60s influence, like in those old movies where they’re driving along the coast in a convertible, with puffy hair and cute outfits.

How well do you speak Italian?
Terribly! I think I know three words…they’re the ones on the shirts in this collection!

Since you’re based in L.A., where’s your favorite place to get Italian food out there?
My favorite place is Angelini Osteria. I love it because they’re family-owned.

What’s your go-to Italian dish?
Just plain spaghetti Bolognese. You can’t go wrong with that!

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