10 Wildest Looks From the European Men’s Runway Shows

by Charles Manning

Let’s be honest, men’s fashion week can be kind of nuts. And thank god for that. Seriously! Who wants to see a bunch of boring suits and tasteful jackets walking the runway when there is this kind of purely theatical joy and camp-y strangeness available instead? Not I! Let’s get wild and bring on the weird!

1. Angus Green
Your blazer now comes equipped with flotation devices to protect you in the event of a water landing.

Angus Chiang Fall/Winter 2018-19 (FirstView)

2. Bobby Abley
A gentleman’s peplum gets the athleisure treatment. Ooh la la!

Bobby Abley Fall/Winter 2018-19 (FirstView)

3. Craig Green
Rube Goldberg would have loved this one!

Craig Green Fall/Winter 2018-19 (FirstView)

4. Julien David
What up, dawg?

Julien David Fall/Winter 2018-19 (FirstView)

5. Charles Jeffrey Loverboy
Would anybody like some sausage?

Charles Jerrfey Loverboy Fall/Winter 2018-19 (FirstView)

6. Moschino
Very Rita-Hayworth-at-The-Eagle.

Moschino Fall/Winter 2018-19 (FirstView)

7. Rick Owens
This is what all the undead albinos will be wearing at this year’s nuclear holocaust.

Rick Owens Fall/Winter 2018-19 (FirstView)

8. Rottingdean Bazaar
Naomi Campbell, come through!

Rottingdean Bazaar Fall/Winter 2018-19 (FirstView)

9. Walter Van Beriendock
Here piggy piggy.

Walter Van Bereindock Fall/Winter 2018-19 (FirstView)

10. Walter Van Beriendock (part 2)
Top? Sure, honey. Whatever you say.

Walter Van Bereindock Fall/Winter 2018-19 (FirstView)



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