Where are you going in Europe this summer, darlings?

by The Daily Front Row

Where are you going in Europe this summer, darlings?

Robbie Meyers, editor in chief, Elle: “I’m going to Rome for fun. We don’t know where we are staying yet. We’re going to make it a real adventure!”  

Anne Slowey, fashion news editor, Elle: “I’m going to go to Couture and I was going to go and judge the fashion, art, photography event that Diesel puts on in Trieste every year—but it’s just too hard [to do Europe] with two kids.”

Kerry Washington, Scandal star: “I’m not telling anyone where I’m going this summer!”

Kate Betts, contributing editor for TIME: I’m doing Kathryn Ireland’s boot camp in the South of France, where I’m going in two weeks. I’m dying, I’m so excited! After that, my husband is meeting me and we are driving down the Costa Brava in Spain.”

Elizabeth Cutler, SoulCycle co-founder: “I’m going to Patmos, Greece with my family! I’ve never been to Greece, and I’m beside myself. We plan to rent a boat and explore beaches, hang, and rest. Time for us to downshift, unwind, and unplug.”

Lola Rykiel: “This summer I’m going to Ars-en-Ré, in France. My mother has a house there, and my sisters, my grandmother, and my godmother are going, too. We ride bicycle everywhere! In the morning, we buy food at the market for beach picnics, flowers for the house, and wine for the evenings. Every night is a different impromptu dinner at a friend’s house. During the day, everyone goes to the beach or stays home, drinking tea and reading magazines or books in the garden.”

Lori Goldstein, stylist “Every day is a vacation when it’s summer!”

Michelle Smith, designer Milly: “I’m taking my family to Puglia in Italy this summer.”

Lola Montes Schnabel, artist: “I’m going to Venice to show a film that I made. The vacation for me is painting in my studio in Amagansett.”

David Giuntoli, Grimm star: “I’m going to Paris! I’m going to stay in Île Saint-Louis in a penthouse apartment.”

Harry Brant, teenager: “Paris couture and the rest… I have no idea. My family decides these things really late. Really late. That’s just the way we are.”

Lake Bell, actress: “The invitations haven’t gone out for my European tour quite yet.”

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