What’s Alexander Wang Doing with Trojan?

by Sydney Sadick

Alexander Wang is bringing his #WangFest to Pride this weekend. The designer and condom brand Trojan are teaming up to create a unique float for the big LGBTQ Pride March that takes over Fifth Avenue in NYC on Sunday. “I reached out to Trojan last year and, timing-wise, we weren’t able to make it work, so this year when it came around I was like, ‘Oh, I’ve got to get back in touch with them,'” Wang said in a statement. “We’ve never been able to participate in a big way with the Pride celebration, especially in New York.” Now that’s about to change! Similar to Wang’s design aesthetic, the all-black vehicle is designed to inform the public about necessary measures of safe sex. The vehicle features the slogan #ProtectYourWang and mimics one of Wang’s signature party buses that he used in campaigns. Considering Wang is the life of the party, the vehicle is—naturally—equipped with DJ booths and a stripper pole. Guests of Wang will wear their “Protect Your Wang” t-shirts, conceptualized by the designer himself, and hand out Trojan condoms along with branded temporary tattoos.

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