What Was Your Best Summer Ever? Volume I

by Sydney Sadick

In our series “The Daily Wonders,” we grilled some of fashion’s finest to find out what their best summer ever was…

“Oh, my goodness, I can’t possibly remember. But maybe this one coming. It hasn’t happened yet, right?”Anna Wintour

“Right now. I met a fabulous, sexy, wonderful, beautiful guy in a coffee shop in Malibu. We met about a month ago. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. Isn’t it great? I’m going on 74!”Betsey Johnson

“I went to a Christian horseback riding camp for girls. It was so weird, but I loved it. My son will not go there, but…”Selma Blair

“Last year, I celebrated my 25th birthday in Barbados at this big carnival called Crop Over.”—Jourdan Dunn

“The summer of 2005, when I met my wife, Dee, in St. Tropez.”Tommy Hilfiger

“I think about it from a food standpoint. I really think this will be my best summer in a long time. And I’m excited for warm weather and drinking lots of rose.”—Bobby Flay

“I was a high school exchange student with the American Field Service in a town on the border of Uruguay and Brazil. I lived with a family for three months. It was my first time away from home in a country with a different language. I really grew up a lot.”Steven Kolb

“When my brother punched me in a Roman ruin because I got in the light of his selfie and gave me a black eye, so I ran back to the boat. Then he came back with a barrel full of candy from a pirate-themed candy store. It was delicious—and pretty fabulous.”Harry Brant Jr.

“When I was a kid I’d stay out late riding my bike, smelling the fresh-cut grass, and not wanting the sun to go down.”Jessica Chastain

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