Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin Plan to Get “Really, Really Sexy” on Valentine’s Day

by Eddie Roche

Backstage at the Boss show yesterday, The Daily caught up with lovebirds Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin to get the skinny on how they’ll be spending Valentine’s Day.

We spotted you at Boss last season. What brought you back this time?
BP: Another new collection!
DS: Wow! Sass out the gate! We really like Boss. They’re very nice to us and I quite like the style.  This season was particularly elegant.

What are you guys up to for Valentine’s Day? 
DS: We’ll probably get really, really sexy.
BP: We got each other presents for Valentine’s Day and on Tuesday we got a little eager and couldn’t wait so we gave each other our presents. One of mine was a cookbook so we decided to pick one dish from the cookbook, which we’ll make on Valentine’s Day and every Valentine’s Day in the future.

What’s the dish?
DS: We’re leaning on some schnitzel!
BP: Like ranch-glazed schnitzel. We’ll see.

Dylan, What did you get?
DS: One of my morning rituals is waking up in the morning and making coffee and I’ve been using a regular tea pot for that. I’ve been griping for months how I really want an electric kettle so she ended up getting me this really nice one. I got her one too!

Don’t you own a coffee place in Brooklyn?
I own a meadery.  It’s called Mead, which is a honey wine. We make it pretty much 24/7.

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