Walk And Talk With Lily Donaldson

by Dena Silver

Checking in with catwalk fave Lily Donaldson. Ah, the life of a jet setting top mod.

Where are you living these days?
I’m living in New York, but I’m always on a plane.

What did you do this summer?

I was in the South of France for a little bit and then I went to Berlin, which was really cool. People are like, “Berlin, really?” and I say, “Yes, Berlin, really.” I love it there. I went to the lakes, and it was so relaxing.

What was the last amazing date you went on?

I don’t really date. The last date that I did go on was in Madrid where I saw the Goya paintings in the Prado museum.

Are you a TV watcher?

I don’t have a television, but I’ve just gotten into Game of Thrones on Netflix.

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