Vogue Czechoslovakia Has Landed

by Aria Darcella
Vogue Czechoslovakia

Some good news from the media world: there’s a new international edition of Vogue! Tomorrow sees the debut of Vogue Czechoslovakia in both print and online platforms.

Vogue Czechoslovakia is one of our more artistic and visually unique Vogue’s, deeply rooted in Czech and Slovak culture,” Karina Dobrotvorskaya, executive director of editorial development at Condé Nast International, said of what fans can expect. “It is a fascinating mix of surrealistic influence, reflections on national historic traumas, references to baroque and gothic heritage.”

Vogue Czechoslovakia

(Vogue Czechoslovakia, Branislav Simoncik)

The team is certainly isn’t holding back on the surrealism and history. The cover, shot by Branislav Simoncik,  stars Karolina Kurkova as former First Lady Olga Havel, a trailblazer of human rights and the “architect” of the Velvet Revolution. Kurkova faces way from the camera, and has a poem drawn on her back that translates to “you and me.” It references a message her husband, President Vaclav Havel, sent to her while he was was jailed by communists.

“Our vision for Vogue Czechoslovakia is to reflect the past and the present, connect authors with unexpected themes and put culture into a new context,” said editor-in-chief Andrea Behounkova. “Today, luxury often connotes slow fashion, slow food, slow travel, and our goal is to create a ‘slow magazine’, giving our readers an exclusive experience in each issue.”

The inaugural issue also boasts Eva Herzigova as an editor-at-large, and has 400 pages of original content.

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