Victoria Beckham Kissing Her Family After Her Show Will Melt Your Heart

by Charles Manning

On Sunday morning, Victoria Beckham showed a beautiful collection in muted shades of burgundy, olive, taupe, and everyone’s favorite chic neutral, black. Like Victoria herself, the clothes were understated and elegant with a handful of anachronisms thrown in to keep things interesting — wide, trailing belt straps, voluminous sleeves, and sporty drawstring tops layered under tailored wool outerwear.

At the end of the show, Victoria came out for her bow and couldn’t resist running over to plant a series of kisses on her loving and supportive family, seated in the front row. First, David.

(Getty Images)

Then her middle son, Romeo.

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Then her little girl, Harper.

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And, finally, her youngest son, Cruz.

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Brooklyn, her oldest, was not present in body, but let’s all just assume he was there in spirit.

A beautiful show, a loving family, and a reunion tour with the Spice Girls on the way — it really must be great to be Victoria Beckham.

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