VFILES Revamps Its Site

by Paige Reddinger

VFILES.com is getting a facelift. The street culture-meets fashion-meets music site that’s become a voice for a new generation of “cool kids” has just introduced a new redesign. So, what can you expect? First off and perhaps most importantly, the site has now been optimized for mobile. Now you can watch all of those Model Files episodes you may have missed, while you’re on the go. Plus, users can now build their own brands by selling their work through a new “shop” function. The shop button will provide a channel to link to an e-commerce page or the VFILES Shop page. “At VFILES, we’re always thinking about how we can support people who love fashion,” said Julie Anne Quay, founder of VFILES, in a statement. “Beyond fostering a creative exchange, the all new VFILES 2.0 is about creating an interconnected online environment that’s conducive to emerging fashion talent building and monetizing of their respected brands.”

Other features include a contact button allowing users to direct message each other. That means burgeoning designers, stylists, models, and photographers can now reach out to each other to chat and collaborate. The new site also includes a first look at VFILES SMASHION!, a fashion game that they’re touting as “ridiculously addictive”. In case you get a little bit lost or are new to VFILES, they’ve made a video for a full tour of the new site. Check it out!










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