Versace Fall 2015

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Va va va VersaceDonatella Versace reflected quite a bit about the brand this season. The show was all about, well, Versace. The show had plenty of its usual sex appeal with high-slits, nearly crotch-high boots, deep-v’s, and extreme cut-outs. But this season, the brand’s Greek insignia was everywhere. Most vividly, it was the pattern for multi-colored skirts, jackets, and pants. Donatella took it a step further with retro-looking sweatshirts that said “Versace” (those will be real money makers) and multi-colored sequined mirco mini dresses that had the letters composing the word ‘Versace’ spilling down the hips or strewn across the chest. Choker necklaces spelled out Versace. We even spotted a few hashtag symbols. Donatella was not only speaking to a younger generation that loves a retro moment, but perhaps she was also pulling out some classic Versace hits as a brand homage. The brand sold a 20 percent minority stake to Blackstone and is said to be looking at a public offering in the next few years, so why not bank on such very, very Versace signatures these days?


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