Vanessa Seward Pops Up in New York

by Ashley Baker

Chanel veteran, former Azzaro creative director, and longtime Daily fave Vanessa Seward has been making great clothes for decades, and now, the French designer has another hit on her hands with her eponymous collection, which launched in March 2015 with the support of A.P.C and is now getting its very own (pop-up) shop in New York. Located at 267 West 4th Street, it’s full of the wear-everywhere pieces that practically demand to be layered with abandon. Naturally, your Daily wondered…

Your first store debuted in Paris this August, Vanessa. What did you do on the first day it was open for business?

I spent an afternoon there with the team, I was very excited and happy with the result. We had a very good day and I loved meeting my clients. I later organized a “client day”—it took place on the 25th of September, where I spent the day with the team to greet and advise my clients. It was really positive, so I’m going to do it for each boutique we open. The second one in Paris is due in December and one in L.A. due in July.

How did the crowd react?
We had a great reception. The clients loved the boutique, the team and the clothes. I was confident the cut and the quality of the fabrics would make the difference, and it did!

You’ve designed acclaimed collections for several well-known brands. How is this process different?
I have no heritage to turn to and instead I have to invent my own. It’s important to be consistent in the style and identity to establish the brand.

What are the hallmarks of the collection?
The prints, the leather skirts, the jeans and the tweed jacket.

You’ve always made great jumpsuits. Now that the rest of the design world has caught on, are you still into them?
Thank you! Yes, I still love jumpsuits, as I still find them the perfect alternative for a dress.

Any plans to come to New York soon?
Yes! I will come for sure next spring.

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