Valyou Furniture Emerges As The Furniture Industry’s Fashionable Leader

by Magdalena Munao

As the concept of furniture shopping constantly evolves, these days, so much thought and consideration goes into picking out furnishings for one’s home. And with furniture styles constantly changing, it can be difficult and often expensive to keep up with current trends of interior design. But one up-and-coming furniture brand is changing the game by offering clients the hottest styles at low prices. Introducing Valyou Furniture.

From the shores of Hawaii, Valyou founders, Shaul Rappaport and Efi Bisk, launched their brand as a result of how difficult it was to find affordable and stylish furniture on the islands. After the creation of Valyou, they structured the business to service not just the Hawaiian Islands, but the entire U.S. as well.

But once Rappaport and Bisk entered the furniture game, the two founders noticed a massive flaw in the industry. As quickly as the trends change, why isn’t furniture reasonably priced to evolve with the times? Similar to mega fashion labels like Zara and Fashion Nova, Valyou’s business model is to design and produce new styles of furniture just as quickly as the trends arise.

So as quickly as chunky sandals came into style this summer and made their way onto Zara’s shelves, Valyou quickly is just as quick to produce neutral toned dining room furniture to accommodate the current trend at hand. With endless options for furniture designs, Valyou is quick to keep up with the trends of interior design. Whether you’re looking for something modern, classic, Mid-Century or Bohemian, Valyou looks forward to designing and producing a litany of furniture styles for a varied clientele.

And while you might be wondering what the catch is, there isn’t one. Designed to affordably produce and ship stylish and current furniture designs all over the country, Valyou is able to ship quickly as their main warehouse is based here in the United States. So if you haven’t checked out Valyou yet, stop wasting your time and money and choose Valyou instead.

To learn more about Valyou and to browse their styles, visit their website

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