Up-and-Coming Model Jeannie Pfeiffer on Why There’s More Than Meets the Eye in the Modeling Industry

by Thomas Herd

For years, the recognized mecca of the modeling industry has been New York, but in the last year, in light of the pandemic, many models have found safe haven in Miami. For up-and-coming model Jeannie Pfeiffer, Miami is where she’s spent the last year developing an arsenal of knowledge as an aspiring model. And though she has dreams of one day walking in New York Fashion Week, she has even bigger aspirations outside of modeling. Three years ago, while on holiday in Florence, Italy, Pfeiffer found herself perusing through the belts and keychains section of a Prada outlet store when a woman approached her. Bombarded with a litany of questions like, ‘Where are you from?’, ‘How old are you?”, and ‘How tall are you?’, a confused and slightly perturbed Pfeiffer would later discover that the woman interrogating her would soon become her mother modeling agent. Despite having no experience in modeling, she jumped at the opportunity, eager to see what kind of experiences modeling would afford her. She would then go on to sign with Gossip Models of Copenhagen, her mother agency and Miami Elite.

Still, even with a tale of her discovery as a model that sounds straight out of a storybook, Pfeiffer has never let modeling go to her head. In an industry that’s been built purely on beauty and looks, she’s remained rooted in her identity all throughout the journey. And while modeling is something she feels she has yet to fully conquer, Pfeiffer is also currently working toward other unrelated ambitions. As the daughter of an emergency room doctor and a financial planner, the importance of education has long resonated with the young model. Currently in her junior year at North Carolina State University, Pfeiffer isn’t studying fashion merchandising or communications, but instead biotechnology. With great interest in genetic engineering, especially in light of the uptick in vaccination research and development, she looks to potentially pursue a career in the medical field if and when her time as a model has run its course.

And while her interests might not be what one would expect from a model, it’s her versatility that she draws strength from as she continues to develop as a model. With dreams of someday walking in New York Fashion Week, Pfeiffer is ardently focused on showcasing her outgoing and down-to-earth personality whether on set, with potential agents or clients, or even on Instagram. For years, models have had a reputation for exuding their cold, stark personalities in order to emphasize their seriousness for the art of modeling. But Pfeiffer sees value in bringing a new and different type of energy to the job—one that’s perhaps warmer and genuine.  “I think it’s really important to make sure that you show them your personality and who you are,” she says. “No matter what the setting, you never know who or what could turn into an opportunity.”  To learn more about Jeannie Pfeiffer, follow her on Instagram or visit her agency profiles for Gossip Models and Miami Elite.

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