The Subtle Non-Surgical Facelift You’ve Been Dreaming of

by Charles Manning

I have to admit, I was nervous before my first appointment at the NYC Rejuvenation Clinic. I’ve never been on the receiving end of any treatment more advanced that a standard facial before and here I was going in for Ultherapy – a relatively new treatment that uses sound waves to lift your skin, increase skin elasticity, and stimulate new collagen growth.  NYC Rejuvenation Clinic has been the top Ultherapy provider for the past four years, and they have lots of celebrity clients, so I felt like I was in good hands. At the same time, though, I’ve heard that Ultherapy is supposed to hurt quite a bit and I don’t really think of myself as having a particularly high pain threshold. I got my teeth whitened once and nearly passed out.

The office at 30 East 60th Street was nice, though – they also have an office near Gramercy Park – and as I walked in I felt instantly more at ease. It was bright and colorful – the walls of the treatment rooms accented with photographic wallpaper that virtually begged to be Instagrammed and provided a pleasant visual distraction while I waited for my treatment to begin.

NYC Rejuvenation Clinic

The staff were calm and reassuring. My technician, Cher, soothed me with her easy smile and gentle manner and we bonded over our shared love of acting. She warned me that the procedure could be uncomfortable, which I was pretty sure was code for “hurt like hell,” but she applied numbing cream to my face and neck and we chatted while it took effect. Next came the gel, which was room temperature, but felt like it was straight from the fridge, as gel is want to do. It wasn’t bad, though. It actually kind of tickled and I laughed a little as Cher spread it over my face.

Cher put the Ultherapy wand against my cheek and I braced for the pain, but it never came. I felt the slightest tickle, but that was it. Cher increased the power and we tested another area. I felt it a little more that time, but it didn’t hurt at all. What was everyone complaining about? Looking back, I think I probably owe a debt of gratitude to the numbing cream for shielding me, so, if you go in for this treatment yourself, make sure you get numbed up before they get started. Don’t be a hero.

Cher went over most of my face and neck with the wand. It didn’t take long and when she was done my skin looked smoother, if a little red. Cher told me the redness would fade by the end of the day and that I would begin to see results over the coming weeks, with full results after three months. I never trust results that are too quick to appear. I worry that the faster they come, the faster they go. I’m not sure if that’s really true, but it feels true.

It has been almost a week since my treatment and I’m starting to really notice a difference, particularly under my chin where I’ve always had a pesky, slightly fatty excess of skin. At this stage, the difference is still pretty subtle and isn’t super noticable to anyone but me, but I’m OK with that. I didn’t want some sort of extreme makeover facelift and friends who have had this same treatment assure me that the results will continue to develop over the coming weeks, which is just fine with me. In the meantime, I’m considering making another appointment, if only to hang out with Cher a little longer. She really was so nice.  

Learn more about Ultherapy and check out some of NYC Rejuvenation Clinic’s fantastic results here. And look out for me to post my own results in a few weeks.

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