TV Moment! With Betsey Johnson

by Alexandra Ilyashov

The endlessly entertaining Betsey Johnson filled us in all sort of dance-centric matters…

When were you approached to join Dancing With the Stars?
Two weeks ago! My partner is Tony Dovolani, whom I love! 

Where did you go dancing when you were younger in NYC?
I basically majored in cheerleading at Syracuse University. I was head cheerleader. That’s why I can do the cartwheel split!

Are you going to design your own outfits for the show?
Yes! Oh, I’m being my funky old self. I can’t wear those nude costumes! I’m going for the friendly vibe, not the body vibe.

If you had an ideal or favorite fashion dance partner, who would it be?
Giorgio Sant’Angelo, Willi Smith, or John Kloss—all wonderful designers that we lost. I mean, I see Oscar and Gaultier and da da da, but the guy I would have fun dancing with would be Carlos Falchi. See, I just love him.

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