Tripping Down Memory Lane With Georgia May Jagger Chez Tommy Hilfiger

by Dena Silver

Tommy Hilfiger showed a Sgt. Pepper–riffic take on the swinging ’60s (with more than a touch of Brit). With Theodora Richards in the front row, Georgia May Jagger on the runway, this catwalk was a certified triumph! 

What kind of music do you like?
I like all ’60s music—Jimi Hendrix, old R&B, and all the pop music from my childhood.

We don’t see you walk in many shows in New York.

I’m a bit short. I come and do the occasional thing for brands that I really like.

How do you keep your body looking so good?
I don’t do anything. I do like to dance.

How do you know Tommy?
I’ve known him since I was a kid. He’s my neighbor in the Caribbean, and I’m really good friends with his daughters. I used to be so into Tommy Girl. They used to send me the clothes when I was like 8. They were my first grown-up clothes, so it’s very weird to now be doing this. This collection is so beautiful!

PLUS! Dee Hilfiger’s Musical Taste…
 “Rock, hip-hop, and even Andrea Bocelli. My life is so hectic that I like to come  home and chill out.”


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