Treasure Hunting! With Laura Fluhr and Tamara Fluhr-Gates of Michael’s on Madison

by The Daily Front Row

The Daily catches up with the queens of consignment to get their insider tips on what to look for in the treasure troves at Michael’s on Madison! 

Your consignment haven is celebrating 60 years!
Laura Fluhr: Yes, Michael’s was started in 1954 by my dad in the same location we’re still in! We’ve seen the consignment industry evolve since then. Now we run an online shop, too.
Tamara Fluhr-Gates: We focus on current, pristine designer items, less than two years old and in excellent condition.

Any exceptions, age-wise?
Tamara: There are three designers who hold secondary market value, regardless of time: Chanel, Hermès, and Pucci.

What’s the most amazing piece you’ve received recently?
Laura: A pink ostrich Birkin bag. Also, a Louis Vuitton runway bag that didn’t show up in any of their retail locations. It had studs and fur. We had to refer to runway photos to figure out where it was from!

How do you ensure nothing’s faux?
 All brands have tell-tale signs of authenticity: Balenciaga uses a certain grommet and Chanel has their hologram.

What’s the best piece you’ve snapped up at Michael’s?
 I scored an 18-karat-gold and diamond Chanel bracelet that I’ll be buried with.
Tamara: I have a jumbo Balenciaga motorcycle bag in a gorgeous light blue that I just love.

Do you often shop at the store?
Laura: Tammy and I only shop in the store, except for intimate apparel…
Tamara: …and workout clothes!

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