Tracy Anderson Tells All

by Charles Manning

Right before COVID-19 hit, we at The Daily had a great idea: in the weeks leading up the the red carpet of the 2020 Fashion Los Angeles Awards, a small group of us (CMO Alex Dickerson, digital director Charles Manning, and Daily fav Sophie Sumner) were going to indulge in all the workouts, special diets, and skin, face, and body treatments we could think of in an attempt to get into peak physical condition. Not that you really need a red carpet looming on the horizon before you start taking better care of yourself, but, at the time, it felt like as good a reason as any to start our little group wellness journey.

Our first stop? Tracy Anderson in Tribeca, where we happily sweat ourselves into oblivion (and some seriously sore buns) one cold, late-winter morning. The class was taught by the woman herself, the mistress of the Method, Ms. Tracy Anderson, and before we entered her toasty subterranean studio we decided to grill her about everything from jade eggs to J.Lo.

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1 comment

Kaye April 25, 2020 - 12:17 AM

Tracy knows what she is doing!!! I find the interviewers to be unprofessional and disrespectful with their questions and reactions when she is speaking. Stop laughing at her genius


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