The Daily Media: 16 Moves To Know from Condé Nast to Missoni

by Eddie Roche
M Missoni

Here’s the breakdown of this week’s hires, departures, promotions, and new representations. 

1. Livio Proli is now chief executive officer at Missoni. This marks the first time the brand has a CEO.

2. Emilio Carbonera Giani, general director at Missoni, has left the company.

3. Danielle Carrig is now Condé Nast first-ever global chief communications officer.

4. Stuart Burgdoerfer is now interim CEO at Victoria’s Secret.

5. Kate Pinkham has been named Global General Manager and Vice President of Hush Puppies.

6. Fred Kim has been promoted to Junior Account Director at Agentry PR.

7. Jessica Kiraly has been promoted to Senior Account Executive for Mega Mega Projects.


8. Creative Media Marketing is now representing Humphreys.

9. Paul Wilmot Communications is now representing y MAVRANS for public relations and VIP services.  PWC also adds Enavant Active to the client roster for Public Relations and Influencer Strategy.

10. Wall Von Enck is now representing Stout, Bassett McNab and Marcus William.

11. Krupp Group is now representing Emily P. Wheeler.  

12. MP-IMC is now representing Jupiter.

13. SEEN Group is now representing Pai Skincare and founder, Sarah Brown.

14. RK PR is now representing Atelier Delphine.

15. Inspire The Now is now representing Good Clean Wine.

16. Autumn Communications is now representing J.R. Watkins.

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