Tommy Hilfiger To Launch "InstaMeet" Event During His NYFW Show

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Twenty Instagrammers will be covering Tommy Hilfiger‘s Park Avenue Armory show on Monday, February at 11:00 A.M. The social media rendez-vous is being dubbed the “InstaMeet” and will allow local New York influential ‘grammers to share their view of the designers latest duds. Outsiders can get an insiders’ first look as to what goes on backstage and around the set from the lenses of smartphones for the first ever runway Instameet. Hilfiger filled us in on the details.

What’s the InstaMeet?
This season we’re bringing together a group of 20 local Instagrammers to participate in the first ever runway show InstaMeet. We’re collaborating with two influential New York Instagrammers–Brian DiFeo and Anthony Danielle–and participants are invited to join me at the Park Avenue Armory on show day. It’s great way to share a diverse range of perspectives from our runway show with an even wider global audience.

How did you pick the 20 local Insagrammers?
We invited them to register for the InstaMeet on Eventbrite and the finalists will be selected by our collaborators. We wanted to stay true to how InstaMeets around the world are planned and hosted. It is a truly democratic process! I am excited to see this group share their perspectives of our show.

Do they get to sit front row?
No. Before the show begins the Instagram group will get a complete tour of the set and full backstage access, which is exciting because it’s a part of the show not everyone sees. The show is and always will be focused on editors, retailers, and industry influencers so you won’t see the InstaMeet change our front row.

What hashtags should people be using to get in on the fun?
There are two: #tommyfall14 and #nyfwinstameet

Do you Instagram yourself?
I use the brand’s Instagram account to share my inspiration around the fashion show and throughout the year. I also love to look at what influencers are sharing! This season, we’re curating a social media feed alongside the livestream backstage so I can see editor feedback in real time.

Why do you think people in fashion are so obsessed with it?
Instagram gives everyone an opportunity to showcase their opinions and visual interpretations around an event or issue, and fashion is all about expressing yourself and finding new inspirations. The industry has always been very visual, so there’s a natural connection with an image sharing platform like Instagram.

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