Tome Spring 2015

by Dena Silver

There’s no time like the present during New York Fashion Week, and the boys behind Tome, Ramon Martin and Ryan Lobo, took that saying to heart with an Indian-inspired collection. Three main details wove their way through the collection; pleats, bows, and one-shouldered garments. Offered in deep hues of burnt orange, bright pink, and pale blue, they were anchored by black lace and taffeta, layered to perfection. Martin explained the layering concept: “It’s something that we always do, we always like to play with, we love the idea of our woman to be able to style whatever she chooses from the collection that she wants, so, we always try to mix things up, layer things up, make things, play with textures and colors and give life to the classics. Whether it’s a button-down shirt, a custom blazer, the little black dress, it’s always about moving those things forward.” As far as toppers, there was a brilliant rose gold trench and a classic trench, transformed into a dress, revealing layers of color underneath. Returning to staying in the moment, there were fresh orchids that appeared throughout the collection, and that decorated the seats of the front row. The blooms were anchored on the mod’s necks by golden chokers created by label Lizzie Fortunato. Designers Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato found this project to be a welcome difficulty. “We liked that Ryan and Ramon asked us to work with the orchids, because it was a challenge. We didn’t just hand them our jewelry and call it a day, it was truly a collaborative effort.” We could all use a little namaste this week, right?

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