TikTok Sensation Carla Rockmore On Hitting Her Stride As A Fashion Influencer In Her 50s

by Ian Grafvonluxburg

With TikTokers now making their way to the Met Gala steps and fashion week front rows, more and more content creators are joining the platform every day. The internet’s newest obsession? Carla Rockmore. By simply putting outfits together in her closet, while narrating her 90-second videos with her fashion knowledge, she’s garnered over one million followers on the platform. The Daily simply had to know more! Here, Rochmore gave us the inside scoop on all things style.

We love you on TikTok! What’s your backstory?
I am a clothing designer by trade, and I parlayed that into jewelry design after I had my kids. For the past three years, I was back and forth from Jaipur, India getting my Carla Rockmore Fine Jewelry collection ready to launch, when COVID hit and I was stuck in the house watching Netflix for two weeks. I decided that I needed to do something to make people laugh and smile and keep myself busy at the same time. I had my fabulous closet of baubles, bracelets, and beauty, an iPhone, and a 17-year-old son who could teach me how to edit on iMovie. Initially, I just put my videos on YouTube and Instagram. Nine months later, my son posted a video onto TikTok, and it went viral. I went from 91 followers to 350,000 in a week.

How/when did you get the idea to start making fashion videos?
COVID pushed me to do it. A global pandemic seemed so surreal in March 2020, and it made me realize that we have no idea what tomorrow may bring. Don’t overthink and dive in if you’ve been thinking about doing something.


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Congratulations on hitting 1m! Have people begun to recognize you on the street? How has your life changed?
Yes, people do recognize me. I usually work 10 hours a day, but the work is so rewarding that it just flies by.

Have you had any ‘pinch me’ moments since landing such ?
I think it’s more that I have found my sweet spot that I want to pinch myself over. Take what you were educated in, what your hobbies are, and what the community needs, put all three in a blender, and you have your true purpose. It’s that point of intersection that is the key to happiness.

Besides making TikToks, how do you express her love for fashion? Is there anything you are particularly obsessed with right now?
I’m always obsessed with accessories. I’ll think long and hard before I buy an expensive dress, but give me a good necklace that I know will transform ten not so expensive dresses and I am in.


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Do you think you will branch out of TikTok? What’s the ultimate goal?
I want to keep growing. I am an influencer, a business person, and a creator. I don’t feel the need to label myself as one thing, what I am is a multi-hyphenate.

Is there any specific content that your followers love to see from you?
 My followers love to see me get dressed, and they love to see me talk through a look and hear what goes on in my head. I imagine I’m just talking to a good friend when I film.

What is your advice to TikTokers that are nervous about making fashion videos? What is your advice for creating viral content?
I can’t advise how to go viral because I don’t know what I did to go viral. Before COVID, I wasn’t on social media much at all, and I thought TikTok was a dance app. Don’t forget I’m 54. All I can say is you should share and cultivate what you do well. It doesn’t have to be fashion. As long as you enjoy and practice your skill, you should share it. Watching somebody do what they’re good at and enjoying lifts everybody up.

Did you cover any shows for NYFW?
 Yes! I was very proud to have been invited to be the Carolina Herrera TikTok presence. I have always adored the classicism and timeless beauty of Carolina Herrera, and Wes Gordon’s fresh modern take on her iconic styles seamlessly aligns with my fashion sensibility.


First look down the @carolinaherreraofficial runway was one of my favorites! ❤️ #NYFW #fashionweek #fashiontiktok #carolinaherrera #fashion #runway

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If you could make a TikTok with anyone, who would it be?
No question, it would be Iris Apfel. I want to spend a day in the New York markets with her looking for baubles and trinkets. I get just as excited by a flea market full of fabulousness as I used to in Barney’s jewelry department.

If you were about to be stranded on an island, what are the three fashion pieces that you would bring with you?

Supergoop sunscreen, a Dior parasol, and a large pair of Linda Farrow cat-eye sunglasses are a must when stranded on a desert island.

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