Thom Browne On Wearing Cropped Pants In Colder Temps

by The Daily Front Row

Thom Browne was on presenter duty at last night’s WSJ. Innovator Awards, giving the Design category accolade to longtime pal Thomas Woltz, the greenery and architectural guru of Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects. We discussed two essential topics with Browne before the dinner commenced: his trou, and turkey! 

Where do you do your most innovative work?
On the street, in planes, at breakfast, at a bar having a drink…never in the office! You never know when it’s going to happen. It’s never any one place. 

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Does turkey make you sleepy?
No. Never.

You’re known for those cropped pants. Is it ever too cold to bear some ankle?
No! My ankles don’t ever really get cold. Although when it’s south of 32 degrees, I’ll start thinking about [wearing longer pants]. But I won’t do it! 

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