The World's Most Valuable Luxury Brands: Vuitton Takes Top Honors

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Luxury’s heavy hitters, revealed! Today, WPP and Millward Brown released this year’s BrandZ Top 100 List, naming the most valuable brands worldwide. Who topped the list for luxury fashion brands? Louis Vuitton nabbed the top spot for the second consecutive year, coming in at a whopping value of $22.7 billion even though the brand has had a 12 percent year-over-year decrease. In the second place spot this year: Hermès, who is valued at $19.1 billion. It’s no wonder Bernard Arnault‘s LVMH is reportedly trying to gain control of the Parisian leather-goods brand. LVMH  has become the largest shareholder in the company outside of the families that own 70 percent of Hermès and recent lawsuits and investigations have been the cause for much contention between the two luxury brands.

Meanwhile, in apparel, Zara topped the list at $20 billion having surpassed Nike as the most valuable apparel brand in the world. The Spanish retailer increased 60 percent, making it one of the top three rising brands in the last year, next to Prada and (random alert!) Brazilian hops company Brahma Beer. Yoga and lifestyle apparel label Lululemon was a newcomer to the category and came in at 3.8 billion. Also of note: Calvin Klein had a 52 percent brand value growth, to the tune of $1.8 billion. Without further ado, check out the rest of the brands in the luxury and apparel realms that are currently raking it in! 

Top 10 Luxury Brands:

1. Louis Vuitton
2. Hermès
3. Gucci
4. Prada
5. Rolex
6. Chanel
7. Cartier
8. Burberry
9. Fendi
10. Coach

Top 10 Apparel Brands:
1. Zara
2. Nike
3. H&M
4. Ralph Lauren
5. Adidas
6. Uniqlo
7. Next
8. Lululemon
9. Hugo Boss
10. Calvin Klein

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