The Twitter Report!

by Daniel Chivu

(NEW YORK) kimpaper (Kim Hastreiter): Bank of america’s shitting in their pants. Ya gotta love Julian assange.

stefanogabbana: This building its sooooooooo high!!!!!

FrankBruni: Brown rice, snap peas and no booze. I might as well get in the lotus position and chant while I’m at it.

verawanggang: New Year, New Twitter! Stay tuned here, to our revamped @VeraWangGang, for an inside look at all things Vera. Happy 2011!

ninagarcia: People used to throw rocks at me because of my clothes. Now they wanna know where I buy them #quote by Cyndi Lauper

rapo4 (Adam Rapoport): The problem with fancy-pants hotels: no ice machine down the hallway.

annadellorusso: Today at the beach reading THE WISDOM of YOGA by Stephen Cope! A guide to extraordinary living.

ConanOBrien: I forgot to bring a beard trimmer on vacation and my mustache is growing into my mouth. It is not unpleasant.

simondoonan: I wonder what ever happened to Bobby Trendy???

davidchang: grazie mccrady’s for sick nye dinner and husk, lunch was fantastic. @hseanbrock makes the best burger in America! check it out.

LucyBAZAAR (Lucy Yeomans): Oooh it’s parky in London. Farewell Missoni bikinis & Heidi Klein kaftans. A fond hello though to my new Louis Vuitton shearling gilet…

ChristineMuhlke: First day at BA. The good news: corner office! The bad news: we move downstairs next month. Didn’t recognize @andrewOknowlton w haircut…

ericripert: By the end of 2011we will have accomplished our long time goal: To become entirely sustainable/green at LB. & delicious food still a must.

RoseanneCash: I cannot reply to you all today or I will be in Twitter Jail again before noon. Imagine me nodding thoughtfully.


p>ruthreichl: Cold, bright, hopeful morning. The new year’s eve ham, thinly sliced, gently frizzled, topped with cheese and chile-dusted fried eggs.

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