The Selects: Noah Nam, Byungmun Seo and Jina Um

by The Daily Front Row

The Selects is bringing the best of Korean fashion to NYFW with a presentation on September 8. This year, the group is showing the work of 12 designers across 10 brands. In the days leading up to the show The Daily is catching up with some of these unique talents to learn more about them!


Noah Nam of Nohant (The Selects)

What makes a successful designer?
You need to know yourself. It is essential to reflect on what you want and what you are good at. It will eventually make your own identity that helps to continue design for the long-term.

How would you describe your work?
I design clothes that are easy to style with others, that match naturally with any outfit. The ease and comfort of my designs makes them natural for anyone.

Nohant Fall ’19 (The Selects)

Why do you want to design unisex clothing?
I want to design comfortable clothes for a daily outfit rather than to design clothes for a special day. They are the kinds of clothes that can be worn by everyone, no matter what gender or age.

What’s your approach to moodboarding?
I do not get inspired by specific images. I tend to start with a lifestyle [concept], such as books, objects, and personalities. This season I imagined the life of people living in a Bauhaus-style space.

Where can we follow you?

Nohant Fall ’19 (The Selects)



Byungmun Seo and Jina Um of Bmuet(te) (The Selects)

What inspired you to get in to fashion?
When I backpacked around Europe for the first time, I was inspired by the various styles and cultures of people on the street. I could see that they all dressed in different styles, showing their own unique characters. It looked very cool and I wanted to make my own designs. This was when I started to get into fashion.

Why did you want to start working together as a team?
We first met when we started our careers as designers working together for a fashion brand in Korea. We had similar aesthetics and tastes, which helped us share ideas to develop the design process together. Working together as a team has made for good synergy and progress.


What is the inspiration behind your new collection?
We are looking at a fantasy garden inspired by the painting Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by John Singer Sargent.

What’s your Insta?

Bmuet(te) Fall ’19 (The Selects)

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