The Selects: Chung Chung Lee, and Ji Hyun Hwang & Sung Jun Cho

by The Daily Front Row

The Selects is bringing the best of Korean fashion to NYFW with a presentation on September 8. This year, the group is showing the work of 12 designers across 10 brands. In the days leading up to the show The Daily is catching up with some of these unique talents to learn more about them!


Chung Chung Lee of Lie (The Selects)

How did you get in to fashion?
Originally, I started out with working for my family’s heritage label and I felt I could present another unique vision of womenswear that’s dedicated to a different generations’ lifestyle. Through LIE, I want people to be on adventurous journeys with us.

What was your favorite thing about studying at Central Saint Martin’s?
It was definitely an experience that shaped the label’s eclectic aesthetic for being feminine yet sporty at the same time. The London fashion scene is very much that.

Tell me about your concept store in the Meatpacking District!
We wanted to create a space that best embodies the brand, a union between fashion innovation and artistic expression. The Meatpacking location is a retail store and acts as platform to showcase what LIE is about. There is also an art gallery with curated exhibitions that promotes contemporary fine artists.

What’s your handle?

Lie Fall ’19 (Courtesy)


Ji Hyun Hwang and Sung Jun Cho of Hidden Forest Market (The Selects)

What advice would you give to fashion students about getting into the industry?
I believe these days students acknowledge that the fashion industry is not always fun. Whatever people imagine the fashion industry to be out to be, it is admittedly hard and there are many tough aspects that one needs to deal with. But it is worth it if you have a passion. If you really have a dream, don’t give up and go for it.

What are your favorite things about New York?
I appreciate the architecture and enjoy visiting museums and vintage shops which give me inspiration.

You guys are married! What is it like working with your spouse?
We enjoy working together as a team and I get most inspired from my wife. Family is the most important thing to me. I’ve never believed that work and personal lives need to be separate. Thankfully, we have always been doing work together as a team.

What is the inspiration of your SS20 Collections?
Un dolce sogno which means ‘sweet dreams’ in Italian. During the spring and summer, the days become longer but I get excited when the sun sets because I love the buzz of summer nights.

What’s your insta?

Hidden Forest Market Fall ’19 (The Selects)

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