The Selects: Hwan Heo and Dongho Ha

by The Daily Front Row

The Selects is bringing the best of Korean fashion to NYFW with a presentation on September 8. This year, the group is showing the work of 12 designers across 10 brands. In the days leading up to the show The Daily is catching up with some of these unique talents to learn more about them!


Hwan Heo of Heohwan Simulation (The Selects)

You founded your brand in London—what do you love about the city?
I love London not only for the fashion, but its sense of experimentalism and innovation. As a brand that started in London, these are my non-stop driving sources. Moreover, with my recent business in Italy, I am trying to mix more innovation and luxury.

How so?
This season I tried to see the future of fashion through materials by expressing the next generation in terms of sustainability.

You studied history—do you have a favorite time period?
I am interested in the changing paradigm of fashion, but still representing the 20th century. I often take a period in fashion for inspiration for my collections. For this season, I have tried to find the balance between luxury and casual wear from the late ‘80s to the early ‘90s.

What’s your insta?

Heohwan Simulation, Fall ’19 (The Selects)

2. DONGHO HA, SWBD (Sewing Boundaries)

Dongho Ha of SWBD (The Selects)

Did you always want a career in fashion?
When I was young I wanted to be a car engineer. I ended up majoring in fashion and started working at a huge fashion/fabric retail and wholesale hub in Seoul. During that time I worked as an assistant designer at Seoul Fashion Week. That experience made me realize that I wanted to start my own brand.

What’s your approach to design?
When I design something, I believe that anyone can wear it regardless of gender. There are still some styles in my collections that some may consider gender specific but I’m planning to make less of these pieces. I want to develop a brand that is not only unisex but also limitless in terms of age.

Why is fashion important?
Fashion gives us special meaning in life. There are some clothes we inherit from parents that have more value and meaning than clothes from high-end fashion brands.

SWBD, Fall ’19 (Courtesy)

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