The Psychic Connection of Tom Ford and Richard Buckley

by Daniel Chivu

Tom Ford plants a big kiss on the cheek of his partner Richard Buckley on the February cover of OutThe couple, who have been together for 24 years, each appear in the Love Issue and take turns writing about how they first met. Buckley reveals that on their first date, they went to a sleazy “cheapo” restaurant on the Upper East Side. “Tom sat there chit-chatting: And in 10 years I’m going to be showing my own collection in Paris, and I’m going to be a millionaire, and I’m going to do this, and I’m going to do that.” And I kept thinking, This guy is really naïve. But as we talked about other things, it was almost like seeing down a rabbit hole. I felt like I was looking at his eyes, and it was just spinning around and taking me down inside him. I could see he was a good man with a big heart. It wasn’t a physical thing as much as it was a psychic wave.” Awww……

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