THEOUTNET.COM Launches “The A-Z Of Dresses”

by Paige Reddinger

THEOUTNET.COM  is launching a new style guide, entitled “The A-Z of Dresses”. For 26 days, the e-tailer will go through the alphabet with each letter representing a trend or a designer. The guide kicked off with A for animal prints, followed by B for black, and C for cocktail o’clock. Each letter of the alphabet will be illustrated by London-based artists Alessandro Monaco. In addition to the dresses, THEOUTNET will be featuring fashion shoots, street style images, and video clips. Plus, expect style input from influencers like Marie Claire fashion editor and E! presenter Zanna Roberts Rassi, British stylist Martha Ward, E! presenter George Kotsiopoulos, celeb stylist Camille Seydoux, fashion photographer and stylist Candice Lake, and Suits actress Meghan Markle.  Who couldn’t use a few more dresses in the mix? Head over to THEOUTNET.COM and check out the curated selection!

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