The Microcurrent Device That Should be on Your Holiday Shopping List

by Amir Bakian

Category leader 7E Wellness continues to broaden their reach within the non-invasive facial toning space.

If you’re a skincare fanatic, you know that fads and subjective treatments are old news. Gone are the days of thinking something might be working. The smart consumers have moved on to devices and brands that can promise consistent, objective results. That’s part of what has made microcurrent facelifts such a popular option for customers and professionals alike. However, once you take the plunge into this new sector, you’re faced with an age-old dilemma: which one is the best? Our pick is 7E Wellness and their MyoLift line.

7E Wellness was started by Pooja Johari in 2008. The USC graduate was fresh off of getting her Masters in Biomedical Engineering when she founded what would soon become a disruptor in the skincare industry. “I knew that I wanted to make a line of products that made people feel better about themselves.” Pooja recalled. “It wasn’t just about delivering results. It was about helping people have more confidence and self-empowerment. One’s appearance and those traits are so closely intertwined, especially these days.” In the first few years, Pooja refined her technology, exhaustively testing and tweaking. Fast forward to 2021 and 7E Wellness is a powerhouse due to the results they have driven for their buyers and estheticians alike.  As the holiday buying season quickly approaches, microcurrent will be on the lists of millions of consumers looking to experience the technology for the first time. 7E Wellness is our pick due to its easy-to-understand technology, track record of results and product line diversity. “One of the things I’m most proud of is our extensive device offering.” Pooja says, “We tried to create a format for every application and need, and I’m proud of our team for rising to the challenge and delivering.”

The MyoLift family consists of four paramount devices, each with a specific use in mind. QT is the most portable and compatible with their proprietary app. Mini is a professional grade unit designed for at home use. 600 and MD are for estheticians and spa owners – easy-to-use, yet powerful enough to deliver impactful treatments day after day. What’s more is the company’s penchant for accessibility and customer service. Currently, they are one week into their 10-week “social gifting” campaign (which we highly recommend entering). And throughout November and December, they are planning on a series of discounts and bundles. “We are doing everything possible to lower the barrier to entry and make sure that these incredible products are available to anyone who wants to experience them.” Pooja shared. “We’re beyond excited to share the full lineup we have planned over the next few months.

So whether you’re looking into microcurrent for a loved one or for a little self-spoiling (there’s no shame in it!), look to 7E Wellness. We can confidently say that you won’t be disappointed. Visit to learn more.

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