The Latest ‘To Your Door’ Beauty Service: Teeth Whitening from MWC

by Paige Reddinger

To-your-door beauty delivery has been going on for a while now with apps like GlamSquad, Zeel, and Priv offering everything from in-home blowouts and makeup to massages and even private fitness lessons. Now you can have your teeth whitened at home or in your office in just 30 minutes time.

Manhattan Whitening Company (MWC), started by Dr. Eric Novison, has been called the “uber of teeth whitening.” We tried out the service and can testify that it is much faster than (and gets your teeth just as pearly white) as a dentist office visit, with no pain. Dr. Novison or one of his licensed dentists arrives with a fold-out chair equipped with headphones and music so you can sit back, relax, and get beautified. We even worked from the chair during the service.

“We took little pieces of what we thought were the best systems for teeth whitening so that we could make it the most effective, least time consuming, and give the client the least sensitivity possible,” said Dr. Novison. “Most dentist offices will choose to have Bright Smile or Zoom in their office and they buy the system and they use it and that’s it. But what we tried to do is further customize it so it’s the best possible experience for our customers. It’s just four eight-minute cycles.” (For the non-mathletes, that’s only 32 minutes.)

The process costs about $600 and currently is only available in the New York area. However, each session comes with a teeth whitening kit, which can be purchased online for $100 for those outside of New York or those just wanting a touch-up. “Let’s say we do the whitening today and in 48 hours after your service, a time during which they will continue to brighten, you still want your teeth even brighter. You could start on this kit right away,” said Dr. Novison. “In most dental offices, when you get Zoom or something similar, they’ll do a light treatment or they’ll do professional trays for you, but it’s rare they will do both. With our package, for the same price, you get both.” Customers can book online at or by texting or calling 800/MWC-0076.


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