The Hamptons ‘Real Estate Dream Team’ on What Buyers Need to Know Right Now

by Eddie Roche

Douglas Elliman’s Kyle Rosko and Marcy Braun are one of the most successful real estate teams in the Hamptons for good reason. The seasoned vets have a passion for the area and an insider’s take on showing buyers what will make their next home special. Read and learn!

Kyle Rosko

What’s your professional background?
I’ve been real estate–focused from the beginning. My father was a builder and master carpenter in the Hamptons, so I grew up helping him and seeing all the most incredible estates being built from top to bottom. I studied real estate finance in college. I worked for an investment group developing properties in Costa Rica right after I graduated. I’ve had a dual license in Manhattan and the Hamptons, focusing on the Hamptons primarily for the past 12 years.

What got you into real estate?
Growing up in the Hamptons and having a father who was a builder gave me access to the unlimited creativity and expression that could be found at someone’s home. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for special spaces to live. Everywhere I travel I always spend a good portion of time walking neighborhoods that I find interesting in order to get to know them intimately.

What are your favorite kinds of properties to sell?
Waterfront properties are my absolute passion because I have such a deep personal connection with the water. Owning a waterfront property adds hours of light to your living experience every day and gives you an ever-changing show of color and variation. Waterfront properties also add a completely different recreational experience  in addition to your lifestyle. I love to see how people have been developing waterfront properties in the Hamptons for the past five years.


What are some of the properties you’re working on right now?
I’m working on a waterfront property that a group I work closely with is developing. It will be a four-bedroom, four-bathroom modern on the water with a dock on the waterside infinity pool. That will be exciting! I also just listed the property featured in this story, which is an incredible resort-like oasis that has unmatched indoor/outdoor living qualities, including a full tuckaway glass wall and a two-foot glass convertible ceiling.

We hear that you are fantastic to work with!
Firstly, working with me is an adventure. I like to bring people to the special places that are closest to the homes that we’re looking at in order to get a full perspective of the complete lifestyle of the area. I also have an acute eye for detail and radar for added value opportunities. My educational background in real estate finance also gives me an upper hand in discussing the financial investment aspects of purchasing.

We know you surf! What’s your favorite beach in the area?
Ditch Plains Beach because I spent 10 summers in the Ditch Plains trailer park and have a lot of great friends there. And there’s always a wave to surf.


What’s on tap for the rest of the year for you?
The rest of the year is looking quite exciting as I’m sourcing properties with a fantastic developer/builder team that brings absolutely exceptional homes to market. I’m excited for a younger generation of builders and developers to do some great things out here.

Marcy Braun

How did you end up in the Hamptons?
I always wanted to be here. When my two youngest kids were in high school I lured them here through Ross School and the curriculum it offered. I knew my family would always come visit if I was in the Hamptons!

What’s unique about working with you?
I’m real! You can be sure that I’m telling you like it is; I always do. I also know a lot about the listings, and I listen closely to my customers’ or clients’ needs. If you want to see your yard from your kitchen window, you can be sure I will show you every home available with that feature. I also love to give inside tips to the best place for anything. It’s good to know secrets when you’re buying out here. I’m also a mother of five grown children and a grandmother of five girls, so I understand lots of different personalities, what’s going on in their world, what they’re looking for, and what they need. I have children in finance, in big law firms, teachers.… I can feel it all. I’m also well known for baking challah, which I share with my clients, along with my homemade strawberry jam. I successfully conducted an Instagram challah bake for customers and their friends at the beginning of the pandemic so many could learn my technique. Check me out at @challahbackgirl on IG!

What are some of the properties you’re working on right now?
We currently have three homes in a sought-after beachfront community with docking rights—6 Wooleys Drive, which has a fabulous pool house and yard; 51 Scotts Landing Road, which offers a beachy, comfortable interior; and 67 Scotts Landing Road, which is a fabulous waterfront property with plans to expand and build a 6,000-square-foot waterfront dream home. There is also 3 Turtle Pond Road, which has water views and many green initiatives, reclaimed barn wood floors, and galvanized metal roof. In Sag Harbor Village, we have your quintessential beach cottage at 18 Princeton Road, and some fabulous lots on Lincoln Street with plans and permits in place to build a Peter Cook or Croxton design. We just listed a unique property at 2 Oakwood Court in Wainscott, which is resort living at its best!


What’s your advice for first-time homeowners?
I would say, “Look for a property that checks most of what you need but that you can still add value to.” I know that during these times most buyers like the convenience of moving right in, but it’s important to be able to create added value by doing some finishes yourself.

Do you think this is a good time to buy, and how do you think the market will be impacted by current times?
It has certainly been a difficult time to buy but well worth it if you’re able to secure a home that you need. The supply has diminished, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The lack of inventory has resulted in many offers on one home, which have mostly gone to closed bids of “best and highest.” The bidding wars have made this experience more emotional than ever for all involved. I would say that buyers shouldn’t be afraid to go a little higher than expected to get a home that fits their needs. The market is in the process of adjusting itself, and the new comps moving forward will be substantially higher than what was before.


What can the real estate business learn from the lockdown this year?
For Hamptons buyers, it has become crystal clear that a second home is more a necessity than a luxury. Even if it’s currently an escape from the city, it will also be used as an alternative to traveling, which is currently on hold, and a security of space that is necessary to have in place. Ultimately, the importance of having enough room for you and your family to live and work, as well as private outdoor space, has been the biggest curve in real estate sales during this lockdown.

Tell us a little bit about your interests outside of work. What are your favorite things to do in the Hamptons?
Well, I work every day, and it’s been so busy since March that my activities outside of work have changed drastically. I used to show a property and then hop from farmstand to farmstand for different items that I love. I also love to walk. I do a five-mile walk to the beach, touch the water, and then walk home. It’s great way to start the day! My favorite pastime is spinning at SoulCycle in The Barn. Now it’s under a tent. I try to go at 7 a.m. before my day begins, and it’s made all the difference in my energy levels. It’s so important to keep this focus and release

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