The Evolution of Roman Royale

by Thomas Herd

In life, you never know where a road will lead, or where a connection may take you, which is why being open-minded, genuine, and good with (and to) people are all crucial characteristics. Combined with an inherent charm and zeal for life itself, this is what has helped young entrepreneur, Roman Royale succeed in his career. Based in Los Angeles, Roman began his professional career in the nightlife scene where his people skilled propelled him to new heights and new opportunities—but this was just the beginning.

Although he got his start in the Hollywood party scene, working for the celebrated entertainment group SBE, Roman’s ability to connect with people brought him much more than just VIP passes to the hottest parties. Besides garnering an impressive social media following of 108K, a testament to his magnetism and fun-loving personality, his years in the business lead to friends that turned into co-founders. Back in 2016 Roman and his best friend, Lauren Steel, started a jewelry brand called Room13 Los Angeles, which is locally made and designed.

“We wanted to be able to create something that we could share with our friends and the world. Since I’ve always been into fashion, I figured why buy jewelry when I can make it?” he says. The creative work did not stop there. Roman transitioned to the marketing side of a cannabis company for a few years, where he fell for the business. So, when his now partner David Jiang proposed the idea of launching a new luxury brand, the move was an obvious transition. Aptly named, FIRE is equated to the Gucci or Louis Vuitton of cannabis. “The quality of what we offer is of that same value, as well as the image we project,” elaborates Roman.  Roman attests his success to a quote that drives him, “if at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again—we all fail, but the difference between someone who fails and keeps going versus someone who fails and doesn’t, is simply success,” he notes. Combined with his propensity for finding the “light in darkness”—which he explains as simply finding something positive in bad times to get through the situation—Roman definitely has the formula to a good life down. In keeping with the theme of positivity, the impact he hopes to make on the world is simply making people really happy, “I think one of the most powerful things we can do for another, is bring happiness—that’s priceless,” he says.

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