The Diamond Bank Demands A Double Take By Staying Relevant In A Changing Industry

by Amir Bakian

The Los Angeles-based jeweler, The Diamond Bank, has been turning heads for nearly 25 years, but only just opened its doors in 2021 to the city’s renowned “Diamond District”, an appropriate neighborhood for such a household name in the jewelry space. Before opening its physical studio on South Hill Street, The Diamond Bank was wholly supported and operated by Chris Arakel, founder and lead designer, who would traverse across the country for call-ins with clients who have remained loyal to The Diamond Bank standard for over two decades. Today, The Diamond Bank serves LA and beyond, driving its distinct level of excellence through Arakel’s unique eye for beauty and attention to detail.

One of the largest distinctions in The Diamond Bank is their dedication to diamond diversity which, to the untrained eye, comes second or third to general size. What most people fail to realize is that diamonds themselves are a product of their environment, which affords a great deal of variety and surprises to the consumer. Arakel learned the secrets of the sparkle from his elders growing up, taking notes and strengthening his ocular prowess in a highly energized environment before taking matters into his own hands. During this time, Arakel was considered by his counterparts to be much younger than the average jeweler or diamond expert, which not only fueled his passions even further but also gave him a uniquely refreshing perspective on jewelry and innovative approaches to a timeless trade. Those values and dedication to innovation remain embedded in the anatomy of The Diamond Bank today, where Arakel continues to polish and propel tomorrow’s designs into new territories.

The Diamond Bank specializes in natural diamonds of all carat sizes and shapes, particularly rare combinations of measurements that are in high demand. Thanks in large part to Arakel’s extensive network of global dealers, The Diamond Bank is able to supply a string of scarcities that become hot commodities in the jeweler space. Additionally, The Diamond Bank originals are ornate works of art that amplify the sharp variations in the diamonds rather than cover them up. Every design stands strongly on its own, and clients are treated with an unrivaled boutique experience when they work with Arakel which has become a rarity in its own right today. In the age of instant gratification and online shopping, the sensory privileges and intimacy of in-person retail go a long way, especially when dealing with high-octane arts like diamonds and jewelry. Trust and transparency are baked into The Diamond Bank’s DNA, and clients have routinely professed a certain level of safety and security they feel when working with Arakel, who has nourished a decade-spanning reputation for honesty and careful consideration for exceeding the client’s desires.

Today, The Diamond Bank unites a peculiar albeit glamorous mixture of science and art into their craftsmanship, driving their inventory by paying special attention to cuts, shapes, and silhouettes. Diamonds themselves are incredibly varied and, fundamentally, it’s critical that a diamond’s dimensions are clear. This eye for exactness paired with a colorful vision to innovate sets The Diamond Bank in its own realm of opulence, inviting deluxe allure to a timeless trade that is hungry for creativity.

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