The Daily Wonders: What’s Your Most Embarrassing Splurge?

by Sydney Sadick

For our Daily Summer Luxury Issue, we polled chicsters on some of their most embarrassing large-ticket purchases…Read on!

“A Versace dog bed, leash, and collars.” —Carmen Electra

“I bought two iPhones in one day. I shattered the first one less than an hour after opening it.” —Jonathan Simkhai

“Gucci sneakers. I decided after the fact that I didn’t want anything too extravagant.” —Ramy Sharp

“My new outdoor shower. Way too expensive!” —Anthony Thomas Mellilo

“I love to stay in beautiful hotel suites. People always say that you’re hardly in the room, but they’re wrong—you can spend a lot of time there!” —Dennis Basso

“I built a hair salon in my office!”n—Alison Brod

“Probably sunglasses. When you’re looking through your closet and you see things that still have tags on them, you think, Why did I think I needed that? I’ve never even worn it!” —Sophia Bush

“Whenever I’m at Disneyland I can’t help myself—I have to buy all the gear and entire outfits to walk around in all day.” —Josephine Skriver

“The 55 Euro asparagus at L’Ami Louis restaurant in Paris.” —Michelle Smith

“Hand-carrying an extraordinarily large set of hand-painted bowls and glasses back from Japan this year. Traumatically impractical!” —Rebecca de Ravanel

“Jewelry! My boyfriend would say it’s an embarrassing spend, but I think it’s essential.” —Lais Ribierio

“My ex-boyfriend was an embarrassing splurge in general.” —Joey Zauzig

“My Olatz silk pajama set, but it was worth every penny.” —Danielle Nachmani

“Once, I bought earrings at Dolce & Gabbana at an event in Venice. The price had five zeros in it, but I told myself I could always sell them if I didn’t wear them. I wore them once…and I’ve never found a buyer.” —Lada Kravchenko

“My fluffy blonde Persian cat, Tyrion Lannister Cream Puff.” —Grace Atwood

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