The Daily Davis: Vashtie Spins, Thorsun Swims

by Daniel Chivu




Vashtie (no last name needed, but it’s Kola, if you’re curious) is one of the coolest people on the planet. I seriously want to be her, because Vashtie does it all: designing lines for Puma and G-Shock, deejaying all over the globe, and making music videos. I met Vashtie when we both starred in a Maybelline video with Erin Wasson a few years ago. I fell in love with her instantly. And now with her new Showtime series 3AM, even more people will be head over heels for Vashtie.

I caught an episode of 3AM, which follows a few NYC nightlife creatives – internet sensation The Fat Jew, hysterical drag doorman Markus, semi-porn party photographer Kirill – speeding around the city doing their thing until daylight. Vashtie invited friends to check out the show at a screening room in Tribeca. In the episode, Vashtie stuns at her Puma shoot and commands a huge crowd from the DJ booth of Webster Hall, but she also exposes a vulnerable side. “The scariest was easily my scenes in therapy and coming out about the domestic abuse from my childhood,” she told me. “It actually came up accidentally during my interview, which led to the producers wanting to see me in therapy. I was really afraid to open up like that, but realized that it could help other people who may have endured similar experiences.” These moments, like Vashtie herself, are raw and real. Sure, she’s an It girl with a tremendous Instagram following, but she is also down to earth as she seemingly does a zillion glamorous things at once. “The best part was being able to capture my life and work,” she added. “In the moment, it’s hard to really see what it is that I’m actually doing so seeing it on the show was very cool.”


Speaking of cool, my pal George Sotelo designs a line of swimsuits called Thorsun that are my summer uniform. George knows everyone in New York, so his pool party on the roof of Hotel Americano was packed with all sorts of pretty people. “I’m super relived that it didn’t rain,” George said as guests drank rose and mingled carefully around the teensy pool. “The mix of people from friends to retailers and editors coming together for my first event is so great. People have been incredibly supportive. I love New York.” And NYC loves George. Linda Fargo goofed around with the inflatable beach balls. Roopal Patel caught up with power couple Benjamin Bashein and Christian Langbein. Hanuk raced around snapping pics. “I don’t want to fall in the pool,” Hanuk announced, juggling his camera, a Louis Vuitton pochette, and a martini at the same time. I also spotted: Francisco Costa, Mike Krueger, designer Camilla Staerk, Victor Glemaud, artist Joshua David McKenney, denim designer Charissa Kinley, Joe Fresh’s David Lipke, Andrea Franchini, Naeem and Ranjana Khan, Marcus Teo and Seth Johnson, Nathalie MoarZev Eisenberg, Chris Constable (sporting a safety orange State Bags backpack), Jay Johnson and Tom Cashin, Alina Cho, Gregory Wein, who was also celebrating his birthday, photographer Carter Smith, Helio Campos, DJ Franco V, power PR girl Megan Maguire Steele (in the best brown Lewis Leathers moto-jacket), events guru Bruce Starr, Tim Schifter, leopard-clad Anastasia Rogers and tons more fans and friends. I live in my Thorsun suit every weekend in Montauk and soon girls will be suited up too. “I’m showing my new line here in New York during men’s fashion week,” George said. “It’s a whole new collection of prints; there are 30 in total. I’m also introducing a women’s surf short, which I’m really excited about.”

All Thorsun Photographs by Billy Farrell for 





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