A New App Makes Wedding Ring Shopping Easier Than Ever

by The Daily Front Row

The new app Engage is going to make it easier than ever to shop for a wedding ring. Users can shop for wedding and engagement rings right on their phone while curating  every single element from band and metal, to diamond shape, size and clarity

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Engage app saves favorites as the user goes through the design and search process, acting as a virtual consultant. Users can even connect to their Pinterest account, allowing the app to develop smart recommendations for the buyer, showcasing ring band and diamond options to match the profile imported from the App.  To take it one step further, the app also captures the user’s preferences for price, style, shape, metal-type & more using  familiar swipe-style UX, similar to the swiping mechanism of Apps like Tinder, Bumble, Instagram and Rent The Runway. Another bonus?  Pricing is always adjusted to be competitive in the marketplace, without the need for price comparison shopping, as real time market data is built into the app’s algorithm.

The app uses computer vision technology to develop smart recommendations to the buyer showcasing rings and diamonds matching the profile from the app.  Using the Swipe-Style UX,  the app can further identify patterns via machine learning to continually re-order the inventory displayed in the app-flow based on what the user likes and dislikes from the feed of over 100,000 diamonds. Users can then take a picture of their hand via the AI Try-On Feature to see the ring they’ve built  mapped on their finger,  and share the virtual ring image on their hand with a partner via social, text or email.

User can also make an appointment to video chat with an Engage professional 24/7 for additional consultation.  Based on what the user has previously selected or viewed in the app, an associate will view the same rings and diamonds, or offer something similar to share with the user on their video chat.

You can download the app HERE.

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