Thakoon Spring 2015

by Dena Silver

As if sensing that the crowd was due for a vacation, Thakoon took us on a welcome trip to Rio for Spring, inspired by the 1959 film Black Orpheus. Reflecting the season’s emerging tropical trend for Spring, there were plenty of palm fronds to digest, but not in the expected white and green color palette. Instead, a maroon and navy were chosen, giving the prints a mysterious air. Also done in those hues? A touch of pajama dressing, with silken pants and robe-like dresses, worn both on their own and as layering pieces. A black and silver brocade reflected a tropical landscape as well, especially on a sculptural strapless top. The prints didn’t end there: polka dots surfaced in an electric blue leaf print, tweed, a mash up of stripes, and more. There were short white pleated dresses with beaded fringe, long skirts layered under tunics, dresses with shoulder cutouts, and plenty of vests. At times, the collection read as busy, but the sheer volume of ideas and textures all crammed into one collection proved to be pretty thought-provoking. As a nice contrast against the dark prints and busy textiles, the show’s backdrop was a simple white wall with angular blinds that cast shadows throughout the room. A few highlights: a silky wine kimono dress and a pair of wide-leg pants, which were a spiffy nod to loungewear chic. Luxurious languor? Something we can get behind. This mysterious air left the crowd with plenty to mull over as they filed out the door to their next show.

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