Thakoon Fall 2015

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Looking for warm threads to combat New York’s brisk temps? Thakoon offered up quite a few of those for Fall, although you’ll have to wait a bit to get your hands on his wool and shearing dress, along with knit turtlenecks and sumptuous fur scarves. Hues included lots of browns and oranges, with a few hints of blue and maroon, interspersed with crisp white shirting pieces. A white button-down was layered under a floral dress made from velvet tapestry and a poplin blouse with a memorable front panel that ended with a petite tie.

While the rest of the striped, swingy skirts and chiffon dresses were very daytime-apropos, there were few evening options, but the ones that were on offer were great, especially a dotted jacquard halter dress that hugged the body with its navy wrap detail. Balancing out Thakoon’s bohemian threads was his futuristic looking set, made from panels of iridescent acid-hued pieces of cellophane. And when the last few looks made their way onto the runway, in the form of black sequins and beads that dusted both a gown and a skirt, the show ended with an unexpected sparkle factor.

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