Test Your “Making the Cut” Knowledge

by The Daily Front Row

How closely are you watching Making the Cut? For the next few weeks we’re going to be testing your knowledge of the hit Amazon Prime fashion competition series. This week we kickoff with some questions about the first two episodes. Good luck! 

Where did Tim Gunn coin the epicenter of Japanese streetwear?

Correct! Wrong!

Tokyo Plaza

Who did Naomi Campbell say could do a show in Paris?

Correct! Wrong!

Who had the "worst Tim talk" ever?

Correct! Wrong!

Ji Won

What did Esther do to take a break?

Correct! Wrong!


What word did Heidi learn in Episode 6?

Correct! Wrong!


Test Your "Making the Cut" Knowledge
Sorry, but you're not making the cut.

Naomi's face really just says it all.
You're making the cut, but just barely.

Tim know you can do better.
Congratulations, you made the cut!

How do you know so much? Heidi, is that you?

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